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About Energy Estimator: Irrigation Tool
Energy Estimator for Irrigation is the third of several tools from Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) developed to increase energy awareness in agriculture. This NRCS energy consumption tool enables you to estimate energy cost of pumping water in the irrigation operations on your farm or ranch. NRCS technical specialists have developed these cost estimates based on irrigation methods for predominant crops in your State. This tool does not provide field-specific recommendations. It evaluates options based on user input.

Steps to use the Energy Estimator: Irrigation Tool

Step 1: ZIP Code

Step 2: Hydraulic Factors and Your Irrigation System

Step 3: Crops and Irrigation Volume

Step 4: Irrigation System Analysis


What is Well Lift?

What is System Operating Pressure?

What are Energy Units?

Why these crops?

How were the Average Seasonal Application Depth values determined?

How were estimates made?

What are the assumptions?

Want a more accurate estimation?


 Average Well Lift Distance in your State:

 Average Seasonal Application Depth:

 Flow Meter:

 Irrigation Scheduling:

 Pressure Ranges:

 Pumping Plant Evaluation:

 Regular Irrigation Application System Maintenance and Upgrades:

 Seasonal Seasonal Application Depth:

 System Type:

Calculation Examples

Calculation definition

Calculation example: Flood, Electric

Calculation example: Furrow, Natural Gas

Calculation example: Sprinkler, Propane

Calculation example: Microirrigation, Gasoline

Calculation example: Sprinkler, Diesel

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